Easy rye bread recipe

Archipelago bread


Traditional bread made in the whole coastal area of Finland.


apple juice dry yeast dark syrup/light molasses rye flour wheat bran rye beer malt salt wheat flour

Step 1

Warm your liquid Apple juice, orange juice or Finnish Piimä

Step 2

Add in dry yeast and syrup

Step 3

Add in the malt, bran, rye flour, and salt. Stir

Step 4

Add in the wheat flour and stir into an even quite loose dough

Step 5

Pour your batter into the forms so it is evenly divided. Let it rest for 1-1,5 hours until about double in size.

Step 6

Bake your bread at 350F (175C) on the lower rack. After one hour brush your loaves with a syrup-water mixture on the surface. Bake additional 20-30 minutes.


Serve this for example with Finnish salmon soup

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