Finnish Easter foods 


The Lenten fasting tradition is not practiced in Finland since this is not an orthodox country. But we were heavily influenced by the Eastern culture-this is seen in traditional foods. 


Usually, 1 or 2 appetizers are served, one main with sides, and one dessert. Also coffee with cake or pulla is quite traditional.

A common theme for appetizers is egg, fish, or green/yellow colors.


Aparagus-prepared in various ways. Deviled eggs-cooked half eggs topped with filling. Cesar salad Home made cottage cheese Pickled herring-silli Cured salmon Salmon mousse Fish roe Soups Salad with oranges

Lamb in various forms is quite traditional. Those who dont consume red meat prepare fish or chicken. 

Traditional mains

Oven baked sour cream salmon could be served. 

A yellow lemon risotto with asparagus could be a nice side or main dish. 

Mämmi is most traditional dessert for easter. 


Mämmi is usually made a couple days ahead of Easter.  It is a malty baked rye pudding. 

Different desserts with mämmi as ingredient are traditional. 

Mämmi is used in cake recipes aswell. 

Brita cake is a fancy dessert aswell, but for Easter it is filled with mangoes or peaches and decorated with yellow fruits.  

Mignon chocolate egg is a must try. This chocolate egg is made in real eggshell.  

Other Finnish treats