A simple and easy Finnish recipe to make fermented refreshing lemonade. It is made from lemons, sugar, and yeast. This is called Sima in Finnish

Water Lemons Sugar Yeast Raisins for bottles


Peel the lemons, slice them and press the juice. Add the lemon juice and peels to a small pot.

Step one

Add in also the sugar and  water. Bring to boil, so the sugar melts.

Step two

Add the rest of the water and the sugar-lemon water from the small kettle into a big pot.

Step three

Add fresh yeast to lukewarm water or instant dry yeast for 108F (42C) water. 

Cover the bucket with cloth or paper, and let rest overnight. The next day pour your mead into glass bottles and use a sieve to strain out the lemon peels. Add 3-5 raisins to each bottle and transfer them to the fridge.  

Step four

When the raisins rise to the surface, your mead is ready. This takes 2-3 days.  


Type of sugar affects the color. With just brown sugar you get a darker tone and with just white sugar you get a golden drink.   

The color

Mead is traditionally made in Finland for the first of May, this is the Finnish labor day called Vappu.  Mead is a refreshing low alcohol drink for any occasion. 

When to drink?

Mead can also be flavored with rhubarb, fruits, ginger, herbs, flowers, vanilla or cinnamon

Flavor options