Finnish Strawberry Soup


This type of cold soup thickened with starch is called kiisseli in Finnish. Kiisseli comes from the Eastern food culture; it originated in Russia.


Strawberries Sugar Water  Potato starch


1. Mix water, sugar, and strawberries.

2. Bring the mixture to a boil.

3. Make a slurry from the potato starch and water and pour it into the pan while mixing simultaneously.

4.  Wait for the soup to bubble. Then you can lift it from the stove and let cool down. 

If you make a pureed thicker version, it is nice to serve with vanilla ice cream, frozen yogurt, granola, yogurt, on pancakes, or even with cheesecake.

You can serve strawberry soup as a dessert with whipped cream. It is often eaten with porridges like rice porridge.