Currant juice

Currant juice

You can use this recipe also to make black currant juice and white currant juice or a mix from these.


Big pot Ladle strainer Funnel Bottles

1. Pick and clean the berries. Remove rotten berries if you see some. Put them in a big pot.


2. Cover your currants with water so all berries are covered. Add the sweetener. Let the mix cool.

3. Let the mix stand for 2-12 hours before bottling. Pour the juice through a strainer. Use a dense strainer, so the seeds don't go through.

4. Use a funnel as help in bottling. On top of the funnel, you can also use a small tea strainer if you don't own a big one to do the previous step..

You can freeze the juice in ice cube bags. This makes a nice drink with sparkling water. The currant ice cubes can also be used in alcoholic drinks.

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