Swedish Rice porridge


Porridge rice or pearl rice. Water Whole milk Salt Cinnamon stick (optional)

Type of rice

You need to use short grain pearl rice. If you can´t find this you can use sushi rice or risotto rice.  Don`tt use long-grain rices like basmati, they do not form the stickiness needed for porridge. 


Melt the butter in your pan.


Add the rice, water, salt,  to a medium-sized pot. 


Cook the rice-water mixture on high heat so it starts to boil.  Next, reduce the heat to medium so it simmers. Cook it for about 10 minutes and stir once in a while.


Add the milk and continue to boil on medium heat for around 30 minutes. Make sure to stir it so it does not burn.


Serve your porridge hot with some milk, sugar and cinnamon.  Click to see other serving suggestions


One tradition is to hide an almond in the porridge. Click to read why and other history of this delicacy.