Swedish Pancakes


Wheat Flour Full fat milk  Sugar  Eggs  Salt Melted butter

What are Swedish pancakes like?

– Swedish pancakes are thin, crepe like – Batter has no baking powder – Batter is thin, has more milk in it than American ones. – The batter needs to rest and can not be fried immediately – Pancakes are rolled or folded


Mix dry ingredients. Add half of the milk. Mix it to a smooth batter with a whisk.


Heat an 8-10 inch skillet to medium heat. Melt some butter on pan.  Stir your batter, take ¼- ⅓ cup, and pour it into the pan.


  Give your a whirl if the batter does not spread out evenly. 


You can keep your pancakes warm if you stack them on a pile and cover with foil.


Whipped cream Berry jam Sprinkled sugar Fresh berries

Savory fillings

Skagenröra, a shrimp salad made of shrimps, mayo, onion, and dill. This is served cold with the pancakes. A Salmon filling can be made from smoked salmon, Creme Fraiche or mayonnaise, lemon pepper, and fresh dill. .

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