The Swedish Fat Tuesday buns or Lenten buns are known as Semla. Delicious sweet cardamom buns filled with almond filling and whipped cream.

– Milk.  – Yeast – Sugar – Butter – Ground cardamom – Salt – Bread flour


Marzipan Milk Crushed almonds Bitter almond aroma


Make the bun dough and start with a slurry: warm milk  yeast  sugar  some flour  salt 

Add rest of flour and knead to get viscosity

Add the room temperature soft butter and keep kneading for 10 minutes

Let your dough rest for 30 minutes.  Make small round buns Let the buns rise Give an eggwash Bake at 400F 15 minutes  

Whip your heavy cream. Grate the marzipan and make a paste together with milk   

Make the filling

Slice the lid from the buns. Carve out some of the inside of the bun. Add 1-2 tablespoons of almond filling in the middle  

Fill your bun

Use a piping bag to add a generous heap of whipped cream  

Decorate with powdered sugar