Scandinavian Strawberry Brita cake

This is an alternative for the traditional strawberry cream cake.  This brita cake has a crispy meringue topping on a sponge cake base, filled with fresh strawberries and a refreshing lemon cream filling.

Why you will love it

- Use any kind of berries  - Simple to make.  - Base can be made ahead of time – Lemon curd gives a nice lemony taste – You can bake this in a sheet pan or round cake pans.

Butter Eggs Flour Sugar Milk Baking powder Lemon zest Heavy cream Lemon curd Vanilla extract Fresh Berries or fruits


1. Whip the egg whites, and add in sugar gradually. 


2.Whip the butter and sugar and add in egg yolks and grated lemon zest.  Add in the flour and baking powder an mix. 

3. Spread the batter evenly out onto your sheet pan. Spread the meringue on top. Bake until done. 

4.Whip your heavy cream until it is fluffy and relatively stiff. Add in the lemon curd and vanilla.

5. Cut the base in half. Spread all or half of the filling over the bottom layer. Top with berries. 

6. Lay the second layer on top. Decorate with cream and berries.

7. You can pipe your cream into patterns, leave the top without cream or spread some with a knife.

Use ex. strawberries and blueberries to decorate. Edible flours are also a nice addition. Even small lemon slices can be used, or leaves of herbs, like mint.

This brita cake is perfect to make in many variations like in mango flavor, rhubarb, apples, black currants or lime curd. 

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