Pickled Herring

Pickled Herring Ingredients

Salted Herring fillets Water Spirit Vinegar Sugar Onion Carrot Bay leaves Black pepper Allspice Cloves Mustard seeds


This type of flavored herring is called glasmästarsill-glassblowers herring.  There are also other variations of pickled herring recipes. 

1. Remove the skin from your onions and cut them into slices.


2. Wash and peel your carrot. Cut it into slices.

3.Rinse the herring in cold water and slice it into 1-inch wide pieces. 

4. Mix the sugar, water, vinegar, and spices. Heat it so the sugar melts, then cool it down to room temperature.

5. Layer the herring pieces in the jar with the sliced onion and carrot.

6. Pour over the cooled spice broth. The herring is ready to serve after 2–3 days but can be kept in the cold for a couple of weeks.

Delicious on sandwiches or with boiled potatoes. 

Pickled herring is an essential part of the Swedish Christmas and Midsummer table.

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